Headlight Restoration

  • Increases Night Visibility!
  • No Need to buy new lights!
  • No Buffing!

The modern headlight lens is made of acrylic, for its durability and weight. A weakness of acrylic is its tendency to break down and deteriorate due to contact with cleaning solvents and exposure to UV rays.

Loco’s Headlight Restoration system removes the opaque and yellowed surface of the acrylic by using a 3 step power sanding process, then protected with a UV resistant coating which restores clarity of your headlights to like-new condition guaranteed for at least 5 years.

  • headlight-restoration_before_1
  • headlight-restoration_after_1
  • headlight-restoration_before_2
  • headlight-restoration_after_2
  • headlight-restoration_before_3
  • headlight-restoration_after_3
  • headlight-restoration_before_4
  • headlight-restoration_after_4
  • headlight-restoration_before_5
  • headlight-restoration_after_5
  • headlight-restoration_before_6
  • headlight-restoration_after_6
  • headlight-restoration_custom
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